Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blogging: A New Experience

So my sister who is a whole 6 years younger than I thinks that this is a good idea. So do a few friends and family members. I'm going to trust them for now. I am looking forward to hearing from our Elder to see what he thinks which is also a very important consideration.

This blogging thing is a really new experience. So is mission work, and living in New Zealand when God willing we get there. Putting them together... a lot to think about.

I picked this background photo because it was the one available that looks the most like the sugar cane fields of Fiji. There were others that looked a little like New Zealand, but not as sunny :) Where the mission house is in Fiji, it is surrounded by jungle and sugar cane fields. The color green there is quite prominent, and the place is so moist, farmers can burn a patch of wild stuff to make room for their crops without worrying about starting a great fire on the island. SO different from New Mexico where we live now.

Being published in this way is a funny thing. Maybe not so for professional writers, but for me, now it is too new and unexpected. I have to learn how to find my way to the page where edits are made. Too many typo's. Then I have to think about what readers want to read that pertains to mission trips and the places that we will be seeing. So if you are one of those people, I hope you will ask some questions when you write your comments. It will help me a great deal.

I have been asked to write a book more than once. Lately its been when talking about things that I have read in Orthodox writings. I tell people to just read what I am reading. It doesn't have to be repeated in writing. But perhaps they want to something else, something that to them feels more personal. Whatever the reason, at this time I am willing to comply with their request for my writing, and I hope that I will not disappoint.

Time to use the spell check now.... "see" you next time.

(cool. no misspellings. but this dictionary doesn't recognize the word mission)

Presv Katerina

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Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging (blogosphere)