Sunday, July 11, 2010

After The Announcement

About two weeks ago, my husband FP, made the announcement at our parish that we would be leaving. It was a "slow" day in Church that day. Attendance has picked up since.

Many things came from that. First and foremost in my mind: greater respect for my husband, as it happens nearly every time he gives a sermon. The other thing was that the sky didn't fall. That was a relief. The people of our parish showed a lot of care in how they responded to the news. My kids were so happy to be able to share the news.

By the middle of this past week, more than two of us, on our own, said that leaving our home, getting rid of our possessions, and dealing with so many documents for immigration, is like going to your own funeral. How is it that we all had the same sentiment at the same time? I was one of them. Each day one of us seems to have what it takes to encourage the rest. Yes there is a sadness in this move that is unique from all the other moves. We have never left our country for a long time before. We have never divested of so many possesisons. We have never faced having to say such a deep goodbye to so many people who are a part of the fabric of our lives.

We all seem to know that we have great things to look for ahead. But when that will take place only God knows. There are so many things that must happen before we leave. Official documents and moving details, putting the house up for rent, finding schools in New Zealand for Raphaela (we think that we may have Georgios' school figured out) all take time.

God has sent many to bring support. Abba Dorotheos of Gaza says that we should just trust God and all the right things will happen. Maybe my next blog will be about the people who are stepping up to make this a little easier for us. I odn't know what I would do without them. Maybe I can introduce you to our friends in that way.

Meanwhile, back in Fiji I hear that 6 were baptized this past weekend at the mission house where they have a chapel. All were native Fijians. The joy there is tremendous! This kind of thing makes me eager to go. There's a lot of work to do there, and if we can help in some small way....well you get the picture.

Signing off... +K

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