Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's Been Nearly a Year

Yes it has been nearly a year.  I refer to my sister from time to time in this blog, the one who encourages these things..  Hey Lil' Sis!   I was kind of blocked out of my page here and thank God I have it back.  It was a cookie issue, and that's all it was.

I miss hearing from everyone who writes back.  I will be managing a blog for our Archbishop, so that he can send pastoral messages to his people easily.  I hope it works.  Already, I am kind of regretting using wordpress rather than blogspot. I find it too difficult.  I just thought it sounded more professional for his sake.  However, I may just redo it as a blogspot.

We are expecting a bad tropical storm, like cyclone style this weekend.  If you think of us, please pray, especially for the homeless and those with simple homes.  We will be praying for them with you.

Father Paul is doing well.  The radio program continues and we actually won a little award for it from the radio station for Program Excellence!   That was a nice little boost. I hope we can improve still a little more.

Our children are doing well.  Raphaela moved to Greece and she likes it very much.  Nicholia is working on finishing school.  Georgios is very busy, and thank God he is.  Swiming, piano, basketball, water polo.  He's having a pretty good time at school.

We were in Fiji a couple of weeks ago, the orphanage is progressing.  His Eminence needs to raise a lot of money to keep the construction going.  It would be the equivalent to $9,000.00 USD a month. I hope that we can see that assistance coming to him.

The orphanage house is built.  The Church is next, and then the school.   In the photo, is pictured His Eminence Archbishop Amfilochios, with Father Christodoulos, and Father Paul.  They are with Yianni, who is visiting with His Eminence while there and Maria and her daughter Eirini who are native Fijians and live near the site.  They are good caretakers of the property for Gheronta.

I can write again soon, to fill you in on the past year and such.  For now, this is just a little add-on to get the blog flowing again.

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement!   We do not do this alone, but with you all.

Panaghia be with you and us, and as I sign off, I wish you all a blessed Great Lent.

Presv Katerina Patitsas and Family


Presvytera Eleni said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing your news and posts. Have a blessed Lent, In Christ, Pres Eleni

Presvytera Katerina and Family said...

Thank you Presvytera Eleni! You are in our thoughts and prayers always! We had an unusually incredible Great Lent and feel the Joy of the Resurrection every more deeply. God's love be with you and us always!