Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nothing Short of a Miracle

Little miracles happen all the time! 
You just have to be looking out for them.

As I was scrolling my caller ID this week, I was taking particular note of the ones labeled Out of Area .  Do you get those too?  Sometimes it is a political call, or a telemarketer, but more often than not, for us, it is a relative from another country.  I like to see if I can guess who it could be, and I could say to myself  "Oh I know what country that one is from. It must be ...".  This is the extent of my playtime.   But  on that day for that particular call, there were no numbers at all, only the words in lower case... havecourage as one word.  Cool.

h a v e c o u r a g e
 Okay, who sent that? And How did you do it?   That moment felt like a little miracle.  And for what it did in my heart it was a miracle. In an instant stress was gone. I found a little courage.  God is so good!  Thank you.

Now you know that Our Lord and Savior was famous for saying things like "Have no fear"  and "Be courageous".  It is a wonderful call to take strength from Him. He is teaching me throughout this time of preparation to not worry, to be faithful, and to be encouraged towards his will....

But that wasn't the only miracle. 

After having listed our house in Bay Village, Ohio, for 4 years, this month we were taken by surprise. We had heard from the renters that they weren't interested in buying.  But then in July they changed their minds.  By the end of the month, with the help of The Theotokos, and with the help of a significant sacrifice from woman so generous of heart that her actions truly touched mine, it sold. Praise the Lord.

Here's a photo of our House in Bay Village. . 

Now, how can I express how active the heavenly is with us the earthbound in this world?  It was over the fast of the most Holy Theotokos that we found the renters in the first place two years ago.  And now it is just 2 days before the same fast that the house sold.

There is more. 

Four years ago we were given two Bichon Frise doggies on the Feast Day of the Theotokos August 15th.  They were more than good for this family in ways we could not have imagined ourselves.  We cannot bear to take them to New Zealand because there is a quarantine time for them of 6 months before they can enter that country.  These tender hearted little doggies would go insane in that environment. Today, the first day of the Fast of the Dormition of the Mother of God,  we got a phone call.  It was Petroglyph Animal Hospital.  There is a woman whose Bichon was put to sleep, and would like to take ours.  We pray too that this will work out. We had tried to find a new home for them for a long time.  Is this all possible?  Nothing short of a miracle. 

Sasha and Frodo posing for potential new adopters.
Parishioners and friends continually ask about when we are leaving.  We still do not know. We can guess in about a month.  International moves are very complex, and we are just making our way slowly and with faith and hope in the Lord for His guidance everyday.  We seem to be way far behind in our efforts to be on our way... but after this week, I believe that a little courage can go a long way when pursuing the will of God.

During this time of the fast, may the Panaghia be ever near you, and may she be your advocate in everything which leads to eternal life.


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